Lespin. is a brand created by Leticia Espindola, a Brazilian audiovisual professional , graphic designer, and woman activist. She has an undergrad in Radio, TV, and Internet, and years of experience in TV, advertising, internet, and radio production.

At the moment, she’s studying Graphic Design for Print and Web in Canada.

Lespin. s a junction of her first and last name, and it’s how Leticia signs her photographs and collages. Since her adolescence, her inspiration was always playing around with photos and magazine clippings, which gives her now a direction when working with graphic design. Lespin vision, as an audiovisual brand, is not only to promote critical thinking through artistic montages, pictures, and videos but also to show how design is more linked to sending important messages than to focus on standard patterns and rules. The brand provides a modern and unique language to clients who are looking for breaking some rules and making a difference in the world. :)

my resume
 A collage of a girl with black hair, sun glasses on her hair, and holding a camera film at eye level. Some shapes in blue and red color are composing the colage, such as a female symble